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Episode 19 - How Blue is Your Collar? Operation Exodus and How I Got ‘Er Done
January 01, 2015 06:49 PM PST
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Bic Zukko hits the streets and goes deep into the bloated belly of the beast to search for his missing friend, Sid Syndrome, as he finds himself lost within the stupefying wasteland that is Blue Collar Country. The 6 billion dollar theme park that is dedicated to the lowest of brows. Will he (or his intelligence) survive what goes on behind the gates?

And meanwhile Daniel negotiates with an insurance company after an act of God finds a certain rare fortune of his being destroyed. Donations in the form of HD DVDs of "Twister" will of course be accepted.

The theme of hegemony is discussed.


Episode 18 - Through the Looking Glass and What Daniel Found There..., AKA, Welcome Back to Where You've Never Been
April 10, 2014 09:19 AM PDT
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A man reads about himself (the future/his other/what he is, and what he is not).

The theme of supersymmetry is discussed.


Episode 17 - The Devils Came Down to George A. Arthur Recreational Center
April 03, 2014 02:04 AM PDT
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Bic Zukko attempts to teach a creative writing class, when he realizes that his four students are in fact some breed of supernatural, benevolent creatures. Soon Zukko’s classroom becomes some twisted courtroom as the ultimate debate rages on over whether man is inherently good or evil, with Zukko’s life hanging in the balance of the outcome. Elsewhere, Daniel tries to have a relaxing date with some “Hudson Hawk” when an injured Blue Tongued Skink complicates his downtime.

The theme of salvation is discussed.


Episode 16 - No Pokedex Entry Found: Trot Ibsen, and His 216 Victims
February 17, 2014 06:31 PM PST
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Bic Zukko transports you to a tumultuous time in New York City’s history when the populous was controlled under the fear of the nefarious Pokemon Killer, a maniac whose death toll soon began to rocket to the 150-mark. The motivations and damage caused by the killer are outlined in detail, while Zukko tries his own brand of justice that could have disastrous consequences.

All the while, Daniel struggles with man’s ability to stay focused as he mourns a “Caroline in the City” and “King of the Hill”-based tumblr page, while ruminating on a familiar set of slayings happening currently.

The theme of legacy is discussed.


Episode 15 - Black Hole Sun, Won't You Come, and Wash Away the Weight Gain
October 24, 2013 01:04 PM PDT
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Bic Zukko panics as the scales of justice are all out of whack as his bathroom scale continues to fluctuate back and forth between the spectrums. A desperate Zukko finds himself resorting to the controversial Sungazing Diet, but unsure if his body will be able to survive the transformation. Elsewhere, Daniel discusses the grant he received from the Podcasting Foundation of America (for Continued Work in the Irregular) and the ambitious new method of time-telling that he hopes to popularize. So make sure that chinchilla of yours has adequate chow, stop googling “Billy Halleck”, and then plug yourself in, because even if your body can’t accept edibles, it CAN accept audibles!

The theme of misguided dedication is discussed.

Episode 14 - 24 FPS (Fucks Per Second)
September 19, 2013 10:23 AM PDT
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A dark passage in the annals of Bic Zukko’s life is reflected on when he and his girlfriend, Abigail Kremling, embark upon making a stop motion pornography. The two quickly learn that this project is much more CUMbersome and manipulating than either of them could have understood, and the executives at Wettttt Entertainment may in fact be devils. At the same time, a perusal through the newspaper conjures up thoughts on a previous relationship for Daniel that turned sour when the two went into business together selling yar-meow-kes, cat yarmulkes. So turn off your copies of “Fluid Party 5” and “Spring Break Suck Bags Strike Back 7” and pop this in instead!

The topic of romance (decay) is discussed.

Episode 13 - Happily Ever Before and After
September 07, 2013 12:44 AM PDT
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Bic Zukko and his long estranged friend, and former writing partner, Brodin Zaxby, head westward to sunny Los Angeles with the hopes of fame and fortune—WHEEL of Fortune, that is. Follow Zaxby on his Wizard of Oz-ian journey with Cherry Baum, L-Street, and Frank Withers Balk as they collectively look for the metaphorical “Big Money” in all of their lives. In present time, Daniel tries to reconcile unresolved feelings regarding a J.J. Abrams Writers’ Room Fantasy Camp. B’excuse me for living if this one doesn’t strike your fancy.

The topic of delusion is discussed.

Episode 12 - A Birdo in the Hand is Worth 2.5 Million in Bush-League Medical Bills, AKA, Like Killing Two Birdos With One Stone-Cold Controversial Surgery
September 05, 2013 04:00 PM PDT
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An illuminating chapter in Bic Zukko’s life is looked at where he is appointed to fulfill the dreams of the heavily body modded, Mason Verger. A man whose psychosis is deeply delved into as well as his corresponding taboo love with a certain Nintendo character. Meanwhile, Daniel learns of both the pros and cons of Widow’s Glass/Mourner’s Pane, but at the worst possible moment. So, tell me, are you a Birdo or Catherine guy?

The topic of vanity is discussed.

Episode 11 - Love is a Seven-Letter Word Spelled S-W-I-Z-Z-L-E
September 05, 2013 01:06 PM PDT
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Bic Zukko is pushed to the brink in this latest chapter, where a near grail-like swizzle stick of a mermaid, from the mysterious ZOO-SWIZ, nearly destroys his mind. While in present time Brooklyn, Daniel searches for the hidden coin blocks that have taken over his life, littering the city like a secret plague. Pour yourself a drink. Get it nice and stirred. And throw on an album of “Gefilte Phish” while you indulge on some fresh Zukko.

The topic of obsession is discussed.

Episode 10 - One Flew Over the Zukko's Nest
August 09, 2012 06:59 PM PDT
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A dark passage in Bic Zukko's life is explored while he is admitted to the Ravenhill Facility for the Mentally Unkempt due to a lack of understanding of his color deafness. While inside, he makes friends with Ash Kibil-Soutzcock, butts heads with Nurse Greenaway, and learns just what's so scary about Reflection Hall. In current times, Daniel catches up with a cheater from his past, Roychuck Spinkle, while enjoying ice cream in Park Slope. All aboard the Baby Revolution!

The topic of perseverence is discussed.

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